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Request for Proposals for Website


Request for Proposals




(Please note that this sample RFP may be edited for your project. You may wish to copyright your own RFP)

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1.     Introduction

Boyle Practical Project Management (BPPM) seeks a company to help build a website to launch BPPM’s brand around the world. This is a “by invite only” request for proposals issued to you as a member of five companies which were chosen based on recommendations received and some initial investigation.

2.     Description of BPPM

Boyle Practical Project Management (BPPM) started a business to provide project management consultancy services to businesses and designed a Project Management course to help individuals and business people help themselves. The course is aimed at individuals involved with or commencing a project.  BPPM shall be compiling a library plans for projects which have been completed in many disciplines. We do not currently have a website. The domain name we wish to use is http://www.bppm.ie/ .

 3.     Purpose and Objectives of Web Site

BPPM decided that creating a website was the most professional, effective, and cost efficient way to promote its business on a world-wide stage. 



4.     Cost Estimates

The budget for consultancy services for this project is €3,000. This sum is funded from current expenditure. The budget encompasses all requirements planning, site definition, design, production, software acquisitions necessary for development and initial maintenance of the web site.

The price you e should be inclusive of consulting fees and costs to train two of our staff to use site tools to maintain and update the website. Please also include charges for a resource to participate in a half day (3 hour) brainstorming session. If your price excludes certain license fees or charges, please provide a detailed list of excluded fees with a complete explanation of the nature of those fees.

5.     Hosting  

Hosting and domain name registration will be addressed separately and costs for hosting are not included in the budget for this RFP.  Please identify whether hosting is provided as an option with your company, and if so, please specify:

● no. of current clients        ● file uploading method                  ● customer support

● storage capacity               ● mail Server capacity                    ● backup frequency 

● % down time             ● once off and recurring costs

6.     Requirements and Specifications

The website will have:

● Circa 50 pages with a common look and feel as regards fonts and layouts

● No databases needing to be imported

● Pay-pal as the online payment method

● Registration details sent via email

● A secure members area with a login.

● A contact form       

● A simple and fast file uploads process

● A consistent mix of text and graphics with fast loading pages throughout the site

● A common header with BPPM’s logo displayed on every page

● A “drill down” for users to find Information with no more than three “drill down” levels

●A responsive design for both computers and mobile devices

● a site search capability

● a process to incorporate a searchable bibliography database

7.     Development Guidelines:

To compliment your normal testing, BPPM will also test the site to ensure it works as expected on browsers, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Fire-Fox, Safari, and Opera. Testing will consist of a basic round of usability testing to determine how well the design and build works in practice with some of our customers using different devices and operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, BSD, UNIX). While BPPM is not particular about programming language BPPM reserves the right to full ownership of all content, coding and graphics, to support the acquisition or development of enhancements based on future business needs. BPPM is open to suggestions optimising site quality while remaining within budget.

8.     Timelines for Completion

The Key milestone dates for Creating BPPM Website are:


Completion Date

Project Initiation


Request for Proposal Issued


Closing Date for Proposals


Successful Bidder Notified


Contracts and Purchase Order Finalised


Initial Project Scoping Meeting


Create Content


Complete Registration


Apply Design


Carry-out Development


Conduct Tests


Go Live


Produce Maintenance Documentation



9.     Contact Information

The preferred delivery method for RFP is by email to Sean@bppm.ie. The RFP must contain the signature of a duly authorised officer of the company submitting the proposal. Negotiations will begin immediately with potential vendors and conclude no later than Tuesday, 5th March, 2013.

Sean the project manager is responsible for sign-off on key decisions, keeping the project on schedule and within the budget.  He will be maintaining relationships with stakeholders and is your point of contact.

10.           Reference and Qualifications

Please list relevant web sites your firm has produced that best reflect examples of your work and relevancy to this project.

Please provide a company profile and any other reference information that would support your RFP.




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