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Dunkellin River and Aggard Stream Flood Relief Project

Dunkellin River and Aggard Stream Flood Relief Project

NOTE: This document is not the Official Planning & Control document for this project. The objective of this document is to keep the public informed of project progress on social media and on-line platforms and to support and complement those working directly on the project. This document relies wholly on publicly available information from the stakeholders involved in the initiation, planning and execution of the project. In this context it is not the intention of this exercise to undermine any authority involved with the execution of “Dunkellin River and Aggard Stream Flood Relief Project”.

Dunkellin River and Aggard Stream


Contents Dunkellin River and Aggard_Stream 

The works will consist of channel deepening in Craughwell village, channel widening at Rinn Bridge, selective channel maintenance downstream of the Rahasane Turlough and channel widening from Dunkellin Bridge to the N18 in Kilcolgan. The project will also include the completion of maintenance works and culvert replacement works along the Aggard stream.

Project Integration

In 2010 a study on flooding on the Dunkellin River and the Aggard Stream (from Craughwell Village to Kilcolgan) was commissioned as a result of flooding that occurred in the area in November 2009. A previous application for a Flood Relief Project at Dunkellin River and Aggard Stream was withdrawn on 01/12/2011 (An Bord Pleanála Case reference: PL07 .JS0010)

Project Initiation

On March 11, 2016 An Bord Pleanála granted permission for the project with conditions. Application Case reference: PL07 .JA0035 Appendix 1.

Project Definition

The Dunkellin River is a major watercourse in the area with a total catchment of 373km2. In the vicinity of the village of Craughwell to the point where it is joined by the Aggard Stream the river is known as the Craughwell River. It flows largely in an east to west direction entering Galway Bay at Kilcolgan. In the upstream area east of Craughwell village the Dunkellin is composed of a dense network of smaller streams which merge close to Craughwell. The other main tributary of the Dunkellin is the Aggard Stream which joins the Dunkellin downstream of Craughwell. This is a very small watercourse. In Craughwell village is a bypass channel which takes some flow from the Dunkellin in times of high water levels.

The area around the Dunkellin has a long history of flooding. The Dunkellin and Aggard Stream form part of the Dunkellin Drainage District constructed around 1857 which involved widening and deepening of existing channels and removal of bends and creation of new cuts. Its purpose was related to drainage of agricultural lands. A further arterial drainage scheme was undertaken in the early 1920s and 1950. Flooding has regularly occurred notably in 2015, 2009 and 2005. At the time the 2005 flood was a record event and then the 2009 exceeded that event. More than 20 homes have been flooded in the area and many roads blocked for more than six months at a time.

No works are proposed in Zone 2 of the Dunkellin which encompasses the lands in the vicinity of and including Rahasane Turlough.

Legislative Requirements

The following Legislation governs flood relief projects.

Directive 2007/60/EC on the Assessment and Management of Flood Risks.

Flood Policy Review Group in 2004 - Flood Policy Review- Final Report.  

The National Development Plan (NDP) 2007-2013.

Planning System and Flood Risk Management – Guidelines for Local Authorities, 2009.

European Communities (Assessment and Management of Flood Risks) 2010 (S.I. No. 122 of 2010).

Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM) Programme.

Regional Planning Guidelines for the West 2012-2022. Policy SPP11: Objective SPO31: 

Draft Regional Flood Risk Appraisal. 

The Galway County Development Plan 2009-2015. Objective HL40:

The Draft Galway County Development Plan 2015-2021. Policy FL

Stakeholder Consultation

In March 2011, when the environmental assessment work was being commenced, a letter was issued to twenty-nine statutory and non-statutory stakeholders informing them of the commencement of the environmental assessment of the proposed flood relief project and seeking their feedback.

Two public information evenings were held in Craughwell (17th May 2011 & 15th July 2014) during the course of preparing the environmental reports for the project.

A number of meetings took place with Galway County Council, the OPW, the design engineers, the environmental consultants and various statutory bodies and interested parties

Undertake Environmental & Natura Impact Study

The EIS was carried out by RPS Group Ireland.   Work commenced on the EIS in the 1st quarter of 2010 and the report was signed off on 8thOctober 2014. The majority of the information contained in this document has been sourced from the EIS and from An Bord Pleanála’s report.

Project Charter


The over-riding goal of the project is to provide flood relief in the catchments of the Dunkellin River and Aggard.


Teagasc                                                                       Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Geological Survey of Ireland                                      Development Applications Unit

Clarinbridge Oyster Co-Op Society Ltd                    Inland Fisheries

National Roads Authority                                          Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM)

An Taisce                                                                    Birdwatch Ireland

Bat Conservation Ireland                                            Fáilte Ireland - West

Western River Basin District Project Office              Heritage Officer, Galway CC

Environment Department, Galway CC                      Water Services Unit, Galway CC

Planning Department, Galway CC                             Roads & Transportation Unit, Galway CC

EPA Headquarters                                                      Irish Farmers Association (Galway Branch)

The Marine Institute                                                   IFA Aquaculture

Irish Shellfish Association                                          Galway Rural Development Company Ltd

Western Development Commission                            Galway Archaeological and Historical Society

Irish Rail                                                                     National Roads Authority

Residents of the area                                                  The General Public


The budget for the event is €6 million euro.


The project is to be funded by the Office of Public Works.


The completion date is not determined yet and the duration of the project is not established.     .


The resource requirements are:  To be established

 Project Roles

Briefly outline the roles of project human resources. (Project Team, Sponsor, Steering Group etc.)  



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