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Company Innovation Scheme

Company Innovation Scheme

Organisations are subjected to constant change. To maintain competitiveness it is imperative to build an atmosphere in which employees are encouraged to think creatively and believe that they can bring their ideas to a successful conclusion. An effective employee innovation scheme encourages individual commitment to continuous improvement and creates a favourable environment for innovation to take place.

Continuous Improvement

Innovative Suggestion Schemesare a useful way to obtain and use employees’ creative ideas for the betterment of organisations. Drawing on practical experiences BPPM suggests that one way to encourage participation in innovation schemes lies within giving employees access to project planning knowledge, tools and techniques to enable them to evaluate, articulate and implement innovative ideas. Human resources inputs are of great importance in this area for formulating, promoting and implementing strategies for the learning organisation.

Boyle Practical Project Management would welcome the opportunity to partner with businesses to develop innovative schemes to determine benefits accruing and assess project viability while at the same time equipping those participating with the tools and techniques for delivering successful projects.


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