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Make A Will - Project Management Style

Make a Will - Project Management Style

Many people are under the impression that the actual writing of their Last Will & Testament is all that is involved with making their Will. It is however only one part of the process, albeit a very important and critical part. As well as publishing "Make a Wiil", Boyle Practical Project Management has also produced a Last Will & Testament Toolkit that outputs a legal and validly worded Last Will & Testament based on the information inputted to an interactive on-line application. The information inputted into this application is the information that would be required by a solicitor to produce a Will.

Making a Will is one of the most important projects that any person with assets will ever make. Throughout history during periods of personal, national or international crises people consider “Making a Will”. The 1st port of call for the majority of those that don’t consult with a solicitor immediately is the internet. On the World Wide Web they will find any amount of information on the topic which is almost all posted there by solicitors and other persons in the legal profession.

Much is written on what constitutes a valid Will and accounts of legal argument about Wills that were contested for one reason or another. Solicitors that assist with the writing of a Will often offer to store the original in a fireproof/waterproof safe free of charge. The likelihood is that when the time comes they will also be appointed to administer the estate.

Practically all books about making a Will are written from a legal perspective by solicitors or people within the legal profession. This book is written from a practical project management perspective and follows the Boyle Practical Project Methodology, and as such includes templates and tables for recording personal details, financial details etc. . It looks at the critical success factors, risk management, communication management, business process management, work breakdown structures, responsibility assignments, roles, stakeholders and activity sequencing. For example it highlights the risks associated with:

Not informing the executor of your Will that he/she is the executor.

Failing to communicate the location of your Will to the executor or anyone else.

Failing to document your assets.

Not communicating the location or how to gain access of documents outlining your assets.

Like all the planning documents Boyle Practical Project Management produces, “Make a Will” follows the same comprehensive practical project management methodology so that nothing is overlooked in preparing for death. As almost 70% of Project Management is taken up with planning for future events and activities, it is apt for a project manager to produce a comprehensive plan for dealing with a person's wishes following their passing, For example this document outlines in detail the works that have to be undertaken by the executor in administering a Will. This is where practical project management of the end to end Will making process will save your next of kin valuable time, stress and money in what will no doubt be a difficult time for them. In this context the actual Will itself is the easy bit. The difficult bits are outlining in totally separate documents what you’re fixed and current assets are, where your assets are located, who your relatives are and what contact details you have for them. The process for "Doing It Yourself" advocated in this book requires that the simple and practical procedures outlined are strictly adhered to. The details, the sample Will and templates included in this document conform to the criteria for making a valid Will in: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Ireland at this time. The risk with all of our inevitable fates is that we cannot predict or foresee what the future holds and “death may come like a thief in the night” and we may not be prepared. However "Where there's a Will there's a Way".  The templates included in this book for gathering the information required for administering your estate will take a little time to complete but will save the executor of your Last Will and Testament an enormous amount of expense time and effort. You will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of money that is saved as a consequence. These savings are then available for distribution among your beneficiaries as the cost of administration will have been reduced significantly. This book is available to purchase from The Amazon Book Store, as an e-book or paperback.


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