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Reasons why startups fail

Reasons Why Startups Fail

Organisations initiate projects, but cannot always deliver what was expected and, even on simple, straightforward projects there are many areas that can cause the sorts of problems that can lead to failure.

1. Quite often, people who become expert in their technical and operational roles are given project management responsibility. In many cases major issues arise on projects managed by competent technical individuals who do not possess the complimentary project management skills.

2. Almost nine out of ten start-ups fail. The major reason for these failures is that the original idea was not thought through properly and agreed. Everybody on the project team and the key stakeholders need to be in agreement with the project objectives and to “why” the project is required.

To deal with these issues Boyle Practical Project Management have designed an on-line project management course covering every area of effective project management planning. This project management course is for anyone who is currently working on or about to commence work on a project or engaged with a Start-up. The course is an assignment based production of your project plan. Each section of project plan shall be explained within the course material, starting with project definition and ending with project closeout.


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