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Wedding  Plan

Bride & Groom

Table of Contents

1        Celebrate a Wedding

1.1        Initiate Wedding

1.1.1        Fix Date

1.1.2        Success Framework

1.1.3        Constraints        Work Breakdown Structure        Time Schedule        Resources        Cost        Procurement 

1.2        Product Work Inputs

1.2.1        Complete Pre-requisites

1.2.2        Complete Church Service

1.2.3        Organise Bridal Party

1.2.4        Detail Reception Venue Services

1.2.5        Facilitate Guests

1.2.6        Arrange Facilitating Services

1.2.7        Arrange Party Events

1.3        Closeout 

1.3.1        Administrative Closure

1      Celebrate a Wedding

This Project Plan provides the detail needed to plan a wedding within a period of at least 6 months.

1.1       Initiate Wedding

The Bride and Groom plan to get married within the next year and have a church wedding followed by a reception. A wedding is a project that has a fixed date and therefore fixing the wedding date was the 1st order of business.

1.1.1    Fix Date

The process used for fixing a wedding date is dependent on the Bride and Groom priorities. The fixing of the date is generally dependent on the availability of their chosen church, reception venue and band. The earlier the planning commences the better the chance of satisfying all of the main priorities.

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