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1      Social Media Sharing Group

A basic tenet in the psychology of relationships is called the Principle of Reciprocity. This principle defines the human need and tendency to want to give something back when something is received. This need is strongest when the gift is given without expectation of return. An online Social Media Sharing Group creates a space available around the clock for customers, suppliers, employees, and partners to share ideas and collaborate.

1.1    Project Initiation

During 2017 BPPM engaged in some social network post sharing and went as far as promoting ads on Facebook, Google and Linkedin. The results were far from what I expected. I had almost as much organic exposure as paid exposure.

As a result I decided to put a process in place to apply the principles of Meitheal to the Social Network environment. The word meitheal describes the old Irish tradition where people in rural communities gathered together on a neighbour’s farm to help save the hay or some other crop. Each person would help their neighbour who would in turn reciprocate. They acted as a team and everybody benefited in some way. This built up strong friendships and respect among those involved in the meitheal

1.1.1      Project Charter

This Charter gives authority to commence project planning for a Social Media Sharing Group. The protocol of "you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours" is an old business strategy. This philosophy can serve small-business owners interested in cost-effective ways of marketing their companies. Reciprocal marketing occurs when companies agree to market each other’s' products or services.


The over-riding Goal of Social Media Sharing Group is to create a cost effective platform for business marketing.


The scope of the project is to start sharing on an agrred number of platforms with an agreed no. of founding members. Other platforms may be added following bedding-in of the initial project scope and dependent on demand.

1.1.1      Success Framework

The basis for succeeding with this project is through satisfying the success criteria which shall be linked to the project outputs.     Project outputs

The product objectives and the project management objectives can be combined under the heading of Project outputs. The product objectives are:

● Build Relationships              ● Target Audience

● Attract Customers               ● Address Issues

● Seek Feedback                    ● Share Knowledge

The project Management objectives are:

● Meet Stakeholder Needs    Deliver Within Time-frame

● Operate Within Budget     Critical Success Factors

The Critical Success Factors are:

● Clear Objectives                  ● Member Input

● Collective Participation      ● Operate Transparently


1.1.1      Project Requirements

The project inputs explain how the product will be done and are defined, by the work breakdown structure, responsibility chart and schedule. These inputs are further decomposed into work package activities and tasks.     Work Breakdown Structure

 The product work inputs are the resource activities required to deliver each output objective. The product work inputs are:

● Seek Members               ● Consult with members

● Establish "as is "            ● Establish Complimentary Businesses

● Agree Metrics                ● Develop Operational Processes 

● Draw up Constitution      ● Develop Training Material

The expected timeframe for the 1st Social Media Sharing Group exercise is the 3rd week of February 2018. The 1st hurdle to get over in meeting this target is the completion of the Founding Members' Details Form, which has been emailed to potential founding members. .

Everyone signing up to the inaugural Social Media Sharing Groups shall be known as “Founding Members”.  Membership for 2018 is free for “Founding Members”.  It is the intention that membership for "Founding Members" will always remain free.


Can you please advise on how many founding members you feel would be appropriate for this group and on how many and which platforms the group should share on initially. Please also advise if you have any questions, problems, comments, suggestions or ideas that you feel may be helpful in moving the process along in terms of risks, monitoring of performance, control of  innappropriate post content etc.