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Document Version:       1.0 

Date of Issue:  dd/mm/yyyy

Project Manager: (name)


1        Project Title. 3

1.1        Project Initiation. 3

1.1.1        Project Charter 3

1.1.2        Success Framework. 4        Select Project Resources. 4        Project outputs. 5        Critical Success Factors. 5        Success Criteria. 5        Risk. 6

1.1.3        Project Constraints. 6        Work Breakdown Structure. 7        Time Schedule. 7        Resources. 8        Cost 9

1.2        Product Work Inputs. 11

1.2.1        Product Work Input A.. 11        Work Package A1. 11        Work Package A2. 11        Work Package A3. 11

1.2.2        Product Work Input B.. 11        Work Package B1. 11        Work Package B2. 12        Work Package B3. 12        Work Package B4. 12

1.3        Closeout 12

1.3.1        Lessons Learned report 12

1.3.2        Project closure event 12

1.3.3        Post Project Analysis. 13



1      Project Delivery Template

Describe here what the project is, by way of an introduction. Outline briefly what this report contains e.g. “This document is the final report for (project name) and incorporates all amendments, scope changes and updates to the original project plan arising from the lessons learned. It also includes a post project analysis of the success criteria compared to expectations. It provides an overview of the project using plain and un-ambiguous terms, such that it can be used as a reference for stakeholders of future projects of a similar nature.  It outlines the elements necessary to produce the product of the project.”


1.1    Project Initiation

Project Initiation kicks off the Project Life Cycle and leads the way to gain approval to begin the planning phase. Initiation starts the project by defining its objectives, scope, purpose, resource requirements and deliverables to be produced. Describe in this section a brief account of the current status that the project is replacing or complimenting (if any) and what benefits the project will bring. For example BPPM created this template to contribute to achieving more sucessful projects. Projects are normally undertaken to solve a particular issue such as "Why Projects Fail"

      Unachievable Goals                        Limited Market Research

      Improper Budgeting                       Immeasurable Benefits

      Scope Creep                                   Poorly Defined Roles

      Lack of Management Support       Lack of User Involvement

      Poor Project Planning                   Weak Business Case

      Incomplete Requirements             etc            

BPPM developed this roadmap to guide you through the process for completing successful projects.

1.1.1      Project Charter

This Charter gives authority to commence project planning for (project name).


The over-riding Goal of (project name) is --- The purpose (breakdown of goal) is to (a) --- (b) --- etc.

Stakeholders (small projects may only have primary stakeholders)

The primary stakeholders are ….

The secondary project stakeholders are ….

The tertiary project stakeholders are ….


Outline the budget for the project and state what costs if any are excluded. For example are the costs of internal plant and machinery, heat power and light and use of equipment to be included?  The budget may be “time in hours” rather that monetary values.


Outline how the project is to be funded.


Give the planned completion date or the expected duration of the project.


Outline the amount and timeframes for the estimated resource requirements to be in place e.g. What resources will be required. When and for how long they will be required.

Project Roles

Briefly outline the roles of project human resources. (e.g. Project Team, Sponsor, Steering Group etc.)  

Signed                                            Date:

(Project sponsor)


1.1.2      Success Framework

“This stage commences officially following Project Charter Approval.  The preparatory work for this stage is done while drawing up the charter for approval.     Select Project Resources


The business requirements are the specifications that describe the functions that the product is expected to provide. The identification and attainment of Project Resources is the first order of business meeting those requirements. Resource requirements are unique to every project but generally require a mix of internal and external Human, Capital and Financial Resources.  Outline here or in an appendix the selection process for resources e.g. project team, contractors, request for proposal, and business case for funding. You may wish to outline the timeframe of contracts as some resources may be coming on to the project earlier than others.     Project outputs

The product objectives and the project management objectives can be combined under the heading of Project outputs. The product objectives are:


The project Management objectives are:

● Meet stakeholder needs  ●Deliver within Time-frame  ● Operate within budget

etc     Critical Success Factors

(Example) The Critical Success Factors are:

● Clear objectives                  etc            

                                     Success Criteria

The criteria as set out in the table below have been drawn up by the stakeholders to measure the success of the project based on the project outputs.




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