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         Project Management Consultancy Service

BPPM's consultancy service will assist you getting a project that is out of control back on track through a critical examination of the fundamentals of project planning as applied to your project, starting with project definition and ending with project closeout. BPPM will apply tried and tested tools and techniques of project management to your existing project to enable you get back on track and successfully complete your project.

There are three strands to BPPM's consultancy service.

1. BPPM has produced a number of Articles and Analyses to assist with project analysis.

The BPPM Success Framework

Critical Success Factors

The examination of The Critical Success Factors for implementing the SAP system, called PPARS in the Western Health Board (WHB) area   is an example of a detailed study undertaken by BPPM. 

2. BPPM assists the Business and Voluntary Community with analysis of the external and internal environment.


Requests for Proposal

3. BPPM works directly with Individuals and Businesses to manage projects on a contract basis.