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Project Charter

Within BPPM the charter is a brief summary of the objectives, constraints, and deliverables of the project. It outlines the participants in the project and serves as a reference of authority for the future of the project. The information contained in the charter will be expanded upon to provide greater detail within the body of the project plan documentation. This is a practical example.

Sample Project Charter

This Charter gives authority to the project manager to create a website for Boyle Practical Project Management (BPPM).


The Goal of creating the website is to “Promote Boyle Practical Project Management (BPPM)”. The purpose is to  (a) Attract Customers, (b) Transact Business and (c) Give Information


The primary stakeholders are the project sponsor, company employees, and project team. The secondary project stakeholders are the website hosting company, current and past clients, and our suppliers.

Budget & Funding

The budget for the project is €6,000 and is funded from current expenditure. This is exclusive of the costs of internal plant and machinery, heat power and light and use of equipment. The “Success Framework” analyzes the metrics that drive a return on this investment.


The website go-live is planned for April, 2013.

Project Team Resources

The Project Team Resources required are project manager, and a website specialist.



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