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Boyle Practical Project Management (BPPM) works with you to bring your startup, company improvement, or personal project to a successful conclusion, with the application of project management tools and techniques. This practical project methodology is based on BPPM's experience and lessons learned from completed projects.

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Practical Project Management

Practical Project Management is about keeping things simple. BPPM recommends that perspective project managers apply BPPM's methods to projects that they worked on in the recent past or are currently working on. Boyle practical project methodology is a roadmap for you to follow in doing a project. There are a number of benefits to any startup or established company from having a methodology which is followed on all projects. 

1. The roadmap provides a consistent set of rules for all stakeholders to follow.


2. The methodology includes a framework for success which contributes to establishing a culture of success within all projects.

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